Axis Gymnastics

Town of Jackson, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Address: 980 W Broadway,
Phone: 307-732-2947
Hours: call for current schedule (summer hours limited)
Tips: Axis is located near Lucky’s Market, Picas, and Picnic if you’re looking for a delicious lunch or coffee post play.
Unleashed at Preschool Gym
Three words: exhilarating, adorable, hilarious
If you’ve ever watched gymnasts train, you know how much structure, discipline, and rigidity is enforced.  Axis abandons that stereotype when they open their doors for preschool gym. Upon walking in, you’ll see as free spirits run rampant.  Gaggles of tots parade from trampoline to trampoline and some take literal pit stops to take the 5 foot plunge off the horse into the foam pit below.  Balance beams and uneven bars are set at heights in a way that offer an adrenaline rush but no real risk and the parkour stations and ginormous mats make for challenging climbs and soft tumbles. The gym is large and open so it’s never a challenge to find your child if they get lost in the mix.  Parents and nannies linger about, every so often closing the distance between themselves and their adventurous preschoolers. Nothing like an hour of Axis to assure a long nap for your children when you get home.
The staff is really kind and helpful but they do expect you to supervise whoever you bring for the most part.  The greatest strife will arise from having to take turns on the trampoline that leads into the foam pit, but as long as there is a willing leader to take charge of giving kids the boot when their time is up, conflict will cease.  Preschool gym at Axis for ages 1-5 (according to the Winter and Spring 2018 schedule) is at Thursday AM 9:15-10:15, Friday AM 11:30-12:30, and Saturday AM 10:30-11:30 and costs $15 per session.  There is no open gym during the summer season.  Check the schedule on their website for current seasons schedule by age.  

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