Emily Stevens Park

The West Bank (Village Road), Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Address: 1300 Emily Stevens Park Road,
Phone: 3077399025
Tips: Being the only park in town where dogs are permitted, it’s often full of them.   I’ve only ever met friendly pups there but if you’re allergic or nervous around them that’s something to consider.

Nestled right along the east side of the Snake River along Highway 22, Emily Stevens Park is an oasis perfect for a walk, jog, bike or nordic ski depending on the weather and your mood.  With beautiful views of the Tetons and the gentle sounds of the river flowing by, serenity and opportunities for exploration are guaranteed. Gently paddle boats through the winding marshy area next to the parking lot if you’re feeling adventurous, though it can get narrow if you start to paddle through the reeds.  Or take your young ones down the dike to the trail heading towards the river bank for a picnic and some nature themed I Spy. The 4.4 roundtrip mile trail and Rendezvous Park only right across the bridge make this a great option for a day trip in the summer time when it warms up enough to go swimming as well. Bathrooms are available on both sides of the bridge.  




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