Healthy Being Cafe &Juicery

Town Square, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Address: 165 East Broadway,
Phone: (307) 200-9006
Hours: 7AM-6PM
Tips: My favorite options are the Great Big Veggie Sandwich and half Caprese/half Argentinian Toast!

.In a town full of hearty meal opportunities, the Juicery is a refreshing contrast.  With it’s large grassy green lawn, picnic blankets strewn about, and a quaint naturally lit indoor seating area, the Juicery is one of my favorite places to stop for lunch in town whether I want to sit down and unwind or get it on the go.  I’ve never been greeted with anything less than a lovely smile and bubbly conversation from the staff there and feel exquisitely calm in the environment they have set up for their customers. Their entirely vegetarian menu is creatively catered to meet the needs of those with dietary restrictions, without sacrificing any of the taste.  From kid smoothies to sweet treats, all of their tasty food is made with whole food ingredients and low glycemic whole food sweeteners like dates and honey. Juices include veggies and are light on the fruit for added health benefits and their homemade hummus, cashew cheese, and pickled onions are some of my favorite things to add into any meal I order.  They also sell packaged snacks for kiddos if you want something smaller on the go. I tend to call in my orders ahead of time to avoid any wait as they do tend to get pretty busy during peak hours. That being said, my meals from the Juicery are always worth the wait.

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