Jackson Hole Childrens Museum

Town Square, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Address: 174 N King Street,
Phone: 3077333996
Hours: Sun- Thurs 10AM-3PM, Fri 10AM-5PM, (Sat 10AM-2PM starting Jan 5th 2019)
Tips: This is not a childcare service. You are expected to supervise your children.
Walking into the children’s museum for a child is what walking into Jackson, Wyoming is supposed to feel like for an adult; exciting, whimsical, bliss.  The magic of one of the most beautiful and adventurous towns on earth has been finely captured and replicated in this comfortable space. From arts & crafts and wooden play structures/jungle gyms, to dress up and airports, this lovely museum is way more of an interactive landscape than the word museum lets on to be.  With 12 different exhibit spaces, ongoing educational programs, and an excited staff, the only frowns you’ll ever see are the ones on the children’s faces when you tell them it’s time to leave.
Upon walking in, you are immediately greeted by an artistic aura that inspires creativity and critical thinking.  My personal favorite is the arts and crafts room, full of every tool you can imagine for creating. The kids are often seen gravitating towards the lifelike airplane with it’s strikingly realistic features such as check in, security, and a pilots cockpit.  It’s located directly next to the even more realistic market which uses recycled packaging, mini shopping carts, and a registers filled with (unfortunately) faux money. Monday through wednesday, there are opportunities to participate in different guided programs that include sensory exploration, science experiments, and art projects.  With a reasonable amount of other tots running around, there are often social opportunities for the both of you (if you so dare), but never too many that it feels overwhelming.
Conveniently located near free public parking, multiple START Bus stops, the Rec Center, and all of the best shops and restaurants in town square, it can be swimmingly added to your day on the town.  Day passes are $8 per person and seasonal and annual memberships run from $75-$230 depending on what you’re looking for.  They’re open Sunday-Thursday 10AM-3PM, Friday 10AM-5PM, and are closed on Saturdays. The space can be rented for a price in the event you wish to host a private party. And no, alcohol is not allowed.
They offer the following educator lead programming every week free with paid admission to the Museum:

Crafty Kids: Tuesdays at 11am

Wacky Wednesday Science: Wednesdays at 11am

Sensory Exploration: Thursdays at 11am

PSA: Starting in March 2018, the museum will be moving to Jackson Elementary School for two years as they search for a new "forever" home.  

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