National Elk Refuge Road

East Jackson, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Address: Elk Refuge Road,
Tips: Don't forget a camera!

There is no shortage of breath taking views in Jackson Hole.  The Tetons will find a way to creep into your peripherals at some point or another.  On the Elk Refuge Road, the scenery is relentless and the wildlife is everywhere. In the colder seasons you’ll see the massive herd of Elk and in the warmer seasons you’ll see the majestic Big Horn Sheep.  We like to drive down the 3.5 mile long road and search for animals in the distance. Sometimes the sheep will walk right up to your car to lick the salt off of it! After you pass Miller Butte on your left, the Tetons will explode into view, and only become more captivating as you continue your drive.   There are always a few other bikers, walkers, and drivers soaking it all in, but never too many that you’ll feel overwhelmed.  

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