Rangeview Park

South Jackson, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Address: 3105 Rangeview Drive,
Phone: 13077335056
Hours: Daylight to dark
Tips: It's along the bike path and could be a fun place to end a bike ride through town.

Rangeview Park is home to a glorious playground that even adults can have fun on.  The slides are steep and tall and the features are unique. It’s surrounded by a lush green lawn and is naturally fenced as it lies within the center of an island of houses.  There is also a smaller playground for tiny kiddos and a few other features that are great for all ages. We thought the digger station was neat and creative and we giggled as we bounced back and fourth on the spring-riders that are hard to come by in parks there days.  It’s a great place to head if you’re south of town and want to make a park stop. Or take the bike path that winds through tunnels and over bridges as it makes its way south towards the park. There are bathrooms during the warmer season and there is a picnic table or two.  However, the grass looked inviting and perfect for an old fashioned picnic on a blanket.

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