Teton Sports Club Pool

The West Bank (Village Road), Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Address: 9689, 4030 N Lake Creek Dr.,
Phone: (307) 733-7004
Hours: 10AM - 7PM Daily
Tips: Bring your own towel or towels can be rented for $2 if you forget.

Even in a town with infinite opportunities for adventure, sometimes nothing beats an in ground pool.  Teton Sports Club is one of the few places in town that offers a reasonably priced experience on either a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  Equidistant from Town and the Village, it’s a great place to be no matter where you’re residing. This beautiful private pool area boasts a lovely 82 degree heated pool and an outdoor and indoor hot tub.  We love to come here during the weekdays when the crowds are next to nothing and the pool feels like our own. There are plenty of chaise lounge chairs and a couple small tables as well. This standard in ground pool has a wide set of stairs we like to play on when we get tired of practicing our swimming.  They flow into a 4 feet deep area and there is a buoy line to signify when the deep end begins. Do note that there is no lifeguard. Don’t forget your sunscreen and towel! Towels can be rented for $2 if you forget.

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