Capitol Crescent Trail, Baked & Wired Stroller Run

Georgetown, Washington, DC

Address: 1052 Thomas Jefferson St NW, Washington, DC 20007,
Phone: (703) 663-8727
Hours: 7a to 8p M to T, 7a to 9p F, and 8a to 8p Saturday and Sunday
Tips: Avoid in the early morning or after dark

Baked & Wired has quickly become a DC home stand, neighborhood go to and tourist attraction all in one.  Whether early in the morning before the work day gets busy or on a Saturday, you will see runners and bikers meeting before or after their workout, enjoying live music, delicious iced tea, scones or cupcakes.  Beyond all the goodness of the food and drinks, it's a relaxed place where people are enjoying life and, for the most part, pretty laid back and happy.  One of my favorite runs starts and ends at Baked & Wired on Thomas Jefferson Street in the heart of Georgetown.  Pros- great iced tea and a clean bathroom, cons for moms, no changing table. 

We do a 3 mile out and back but the trail has plenty of opportunities to extend or make shorter depending on your personal needs and goals.  You start downhill heading to K street under the Whitehurst freeway and warm up your legs.  Passing the lively Georgetown waterfront with an incredible view of the monuments in one direction and paddle boarders in the other, an immediate calm comes over me.  As you make your way towards the Capital Crescent trail, the landscape changes from happy stroller terrain to about a 1/4 mile of  no sidewalks and the need for some creative navigating to safely get o the rest of your run.  Once you hit the trail that is closed off to cars, it's a quick escape to feeling like you're in the middle the woods with the opportunity for a non-city quiet where you can hear nature and your thoughts.  The trail is generally well kept and highly frequented by other runners or bikers.  Saftey precaution- depending on the time of day, it can be rather quiet and I as an overly cautious mom, I would be careful to run on this trail during higher traffic times and to avoid early mornings or any time near sunset.  At the end of your run, their are many options for kiddo enjoyment whether it be feed ingthe ducks, playing in the fountain, people watching or a sugar treat from Baked.  Loving the DC opportunities to find calm in the storm steps away. 

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