Palisades Park- Playground

Palisades, Washington, DC

Address: 5200 Sherier Place NW, Washington, DC 20016,
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This might be our favorite splash park in the summer.  Renovated as part of the Play DC initiative, it has some excellent dumping buckets, fountains, water jets, and a small water slide that is perfect for little kids.  There's shade where you can sit and watch your kids play.  There's also some creative play and climbing structures, including a fake rock mountain, all themed to the Potomac and the American Indian (many of the parks that were renovated under the Play DC initiative have themes related to the area).  There are bathrooms in the recreation center that are open when the center is open (during the week and 10am-4pm on the weekends). If you're so inclined, the park also has some very basic exercise equipment for adults that I have never seen an adult actually use. You can be the first!

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