The Happy Active Family App

Posted on Jan. 18, 2019

Hey Happy Active Families!

When we first developed our site, we always knew that eventually we would pursue mobile app development. We recognize that we’re living in the era of the ‘Smartphone’ and ‘convenience at your fingertips’ and want to streamline your user experience as much as possible. Due to popular demand, we are considering expediting this process and making it a 2019 goal. Before we finalize any functionality and design decisions, we would truly love your feedback! Will you take us with you? What would you most like to see? How can Happy Active Family best serve you? After all, we are here for you!

Here's how we're thinking you may be able to enjoy the app...

  1. Quick search on the go to access to information on playgrounds, hikes, play opportunities, or kid friendly eats
  2. You'll have the opportunity to save your favorites and even access the information "offline"
  3. You'll be able to build community and easily share family fun opporrtunities with your husband, wife, best friend, nanny, grandparents, support system, fellow caretakers, ect.
  4. Location enabled services will give you the opportunity to find out what's closest to you and most convenient
  5. Leverage down time at pick up, drop off or waiting in line to plan your weekend or next week day adventure with your kiddos

What do you think? What additions would you make?

What apps do you love and use regularly today? What do you like most about them?

Would you take us with you and make HAF a bigger part of your life? If not, what would change your mind?

What do you hope to see from us in the future?

*Copy and Paste these questions and answer them in an email to us

Thanks so much for your love and support!

We hope you have a happy, active day,

The Happy Active Family Team